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Czr Prz Studios

18th Street Pilsen Open Studios - 2023

1758 W 19th St, Chicago, IL, USA


October 21st & 22nd / 12-8pm

"Czr Prz Studios"


I've been a Pilsen resident for over 10 years and involved with the art scene here for over 15. I have a number of murals and have been involved with programs in the community.


Czr Prz is an urban contemporary artist working in sculptural fabrication, large-scale aerosol murals, and all manner of design. Born and raised in working class Chicago, Prz’s 20 year creative career has spanned America all the way to Europe. Across their multifaceted media, Prz’s artworks tell stories in the folklorico tradition instilled by his Latino-Caribbean upbringing. 

Artist Statement

My work captures the dreamlike nature of reality with a colorful clarity that still feels surreal. This artwork explores and harnesses the language of symbolism, culled from traditional and pop culture sources alike. Birds are a favorite subject matter of mine—they’re popular symbols across cultural divides, universally admired for their intelligence, agility, and mysticism. Ancient, natural elements like these find fresh voices in harmony with the futuristic, otherworldly undertones innate to my style.

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