Saturday, October, 16th / 6-7pm

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I was born and raised in Chicago, and grew up living across the Northwest side of Chicago. It wasn't until my young adult years, working for non-profit organizations that I started to explore beyond the North/ Northwest/Downtown areas of the City. Through the arts I and my work within non-profit organization, I began to really enjoy my time in Pilsen. It is why i decided to build an art studio out this way.


Born and raised Chicagoan, David Gauna is a self taught artist, passionate about community engagement, youth development, and social justice centered dialogues. Incorporating the intersectionality of Chicano and being a gay male within his personal art, along with his passion for street art. David has over eight (8) years of working and partnering within community organizations serving demographics within the: Latin/Hispanic Chicago communities, HIV testing and counseling, LGBTQ and/or homelessness program case management/coordinating, consulting and he connects these past work experiences within his art. David's work has always served marginalized communities, creating space for dialogue for education, advocacy, or healing. David is the founder of MURALS BLOOM (I.G @ muralsbloom) , a visual arts after school program for high school youth, creating space to explore social issues that impact young people and the communities that they live in to explore these topics through visual arts.  "BLOOM", is a reminder that we are always growing. David sees those within his community as walking flowers, all within different stages of their lives. What feeds us and helps us grow are our experiences and lessons learned. David honors those that share their story and portraits with him by wrapping their bodies or creating a scenery of his colorful signature "BLOOM", as a coat of honor, honoring those who continue to exist as their true selves, no matter the struggle they overcome. Colorful beings. Just BLOOM.