Denise Trujillo

18th Street Pilsen Open Studios - 2021

1647 S Miller St, Chicago, IL 60608


Open to the public: October 16th & 17th / 12-8pm
*Indoor Studio
* Mask is Required as well as Social Distancing.


My connection to Pilsen is the people and the culture. Through love I was drawn to Pilsen and never left! I met my wife in Pilsen and so many others after that. I truly live on the BEST block. I live on a block that acts as a micro community. We feed each other, party together, help each other in distress, and protect one another. We clean up the street after festivals around the corner and my father in law even sweeps before and after the street sweeper comes, just to make sure. Sidewalk BBQ's and Carne Asada's are common on my block, everyone chips in. Love and Art and Love for Art has kept me here and I am not in a hurry to leave anytime soon. Within my 16 years of living in Pilsen I have met wonderful people that I now call family, I have grown artistically, and I am never uninspired. Through good times and bad times, I have seen the Pilsen community come together and rise up, act up, and share! People share their food, their art, their crafts, their labor, and even their gardening tips! Walking down 18th street through out the years has been interesting to watch. There is something always going on. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly Pilsen is strong and  colorful, like me.


Often when creating art my approach is loose and unplanned, mostly I am just responding to my own materials and marks.  Like a game of chess, I go back and forth until there are no more moves to be made. I enjoy incorporating "failed" works or old work that didn't quite work into new works. (I hope that made sense)  Interaction is important to me. Whether it be how humans interact with each other, animals to nature, or how my material interacts with my canvas; there is always a dialog happening and I intend to capture it as often as I can through my work. Much of my work is just me spilling and turning out my subconscious into a physical representation.  Automatism is a great way to find yourself, but first you must get lost!  “I'm glad I haven't found my style yet. I'd be bored to death.” -- Edgar Degas