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Denise Trujillo

18th Street Pilsen Open Studios - 2022

1647 S Miller St, Chicago, IL 60608

Home Studio

Open to the public: October 22nd & 23rd / 12-8pm

"Distracted by Happiness"

October, 22nd, Saturday 5-8pm

Art Activity


Next year in the summer will mark 19 years of me living in Pilsen. That means exactly half of my life. From the suburbs to the city to never looking back. Well, except for visiting mom y la familia time to time. I have planted roots here. I shop Pilsen, I walk Pilsen, I eat in Pilsen, I party in Pilsen, I go to Church in Pilsen, I make art in Pilsen, I make friends in Pilsen, and I just love Pilsen. In 2014 by Damen & 18th (used to be VIO Cafe) I married my Pilsen born and raised wife here. So I feel a very deep connection to Pilsen because of all of that. Recently I have been teachings classes and informal art workshops out of my home and that has become something I am very focused on at the moment and hope to expand the idea further to reach more people becasue it is so fun and very rewarding.  I really enjoy Pilsen Open Studios becasue I get to open my doors to all who wander, wonder, and are inspired by art. This year I will have a nice backyard space with an interactive art making station. I will have some new art showing, small artsty gifts for purchase, and plenty of sweets, eats, and treats! Pilsen is such a great neighborhood and I appreciate PACH for always putting a lot of hard work into creating these types of events. It is all wonderful and very appreciated. 


Often when creating art my approach is loose and unplanned, mostly I am just responding to my own materials and marks.  Like a game of chess, I go back and forth until there are no more moves to be made. I enjoy incorporating "failed" works or old work that didn't quite work into new works. (I hope that made sense)  Interaction is important to me. Whether it be how humans interact with each other, animals to nature, or how my material interacts with my canvas; there is always a dialog happening and I intend to capture it as often as I can through my work. Much of my work is just me spilling and turning out my subconscious into a physical representation.  Automatism is a great way to find yourself, but first you must get lost!

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