Diana Solis

18th Street Pilsen Open Studios - 2021

944 W 21st St, Chicago, IL 60608


Open to the public: October 16th & 17th / 12-8pm
*Outdoor Studio
* Must practice social distancing. We are an outdoor garden so masks are optimal.


I have been living in Pilsen for over 40 years and I am an arts organizer,  visual artist, photographer and educator that works in community-based and schools art programs in Pilsen. I also participate in large scale public artwork in collaboration with other artists in Pilsen.


Diana Solís is a Mexican born, visual artist, photographer and educator whose work includes Photography, painting, illustration, printmaking, comics, public murals and installation.  Inspired by Mexican and Chicano culture, memory, cautionary tales, oral and personal histories, queer identities and narratives. Solís’ work examines notions of place, identity and belonging. Hybridization and the convergence between humans and nature are recurring themes in her paintings and illustrations. Her photographic work has a strong focus on portraiture and documentation.  

My illustrative work combines figurative drawing, line work with comics and abstract art sensibilities. It is often populated with characters or a single character that are fantastical and anthropomorphic. Many of these illustrations have a whimsical and cautionary aspect such as in children’s fairytale or myths. I am interested in how persons, nature and even objects can acquire and present new meanings and associations when they are outside of what is deemed as “normal.” Seeing their transformative qualities as powerful, positive and fluid in acknowledging their manifestations of being. My portrait and documentary photographic work allows me to tell the stories that I think matter. Stories that connect, challenge, empower, celebrate and communicate the complexities and intimacies  of the individuals, and communities that I collaborate with.