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Diane Green

18th Street Pilsen Open Studios - 2022

1856 S Throop St, Chicago, IL 60608, USA

Home Studio

Open to the public: October 22nd & 23rd / 12-8pm

October 22 & 23 / 12pm-6pm

Art Activities & Performance


I (Diane) have lived in Pilsen since 2003. I'm now in the 3rd rented location. Bob Buchholz and I moved in together @ 19th & Throop in 2019. Our studio space is too filled up with inventory so our artwork will be shown outside in a tent alongside numerous walls and tables in front of our home studio. Bob gave a workshop on how to create a Surreal Mobile at Orozco Community Academy in the early 2000s. I created art workshops for kids at the Xochiquetzal Community Garden from 2011-2012. We have attended many Pilsen exhibits, public and private, over the years and befriended a number of Pilsen artists including Marcos Raya, Teresa Magaña, Mark Nelson, Stephanie Weiner, and more.


Diane Green, an artist who has lived in Chicago since 1990 moved from Humboldt Park to Pilsen in 2003 finding an affordable place to live with her 2 children. She also worked as an art therapist at Pilsen Little Village Mental Health. Although the art therapy job ended in 2006, Diane stayed in Pilsen running the non-profit MUSE, Inc. providing art programs for underserved communities and continuing her own art career. Diane's partner Robert Buchholz is an artist who's found object sculptures are also in the show. Bob and Diane have been a, artful force to be reckoned with for almost 25 years. Bob moved into the current home with Diane in 2019. Their occasional art shows continue as a branch of MUSE, Inc. called This Is It Gallery.

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