Emily Monick

18th Street Pilsen Open Studios - 2021

S Halsted St, Chicago, IL, USA



I grew up in Rogers Park, but have memories of spending time visiting Pilsen for the food, art, and friends. As I got older I wanted to be closer to family -the art and the food. To be closer to the things and people that tied me to the neighborhood and made it such a special place to live and make work.


Emily Monick is a Chicago based artist, primarily working with oil paint and creating narrative figure paintings. She graduated from Pratt Institute 2020. 

Painting is my response to memory.  Reality, fantasy, and cinema are the leading influences behind my pieces. My work is not based in one solid truth, but rather the imperfections and misconceptions of that said truth. Reflections of my own misconceptions about myself and my perceived reality. The dynamic between societal observer/participant, the relationship between painter/subject, how these personal relationships shape myself. Where , memory, truth, and fantasy merge to create a new narrative. How paint is the physical tracking of that memory.