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HAZ Cooperatives Studios

18th Street Pilsen Open Studios - 2022

1706 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL, USA

Private Gallery / Cultural Space

Open to the public: October, 22nd & 23rd / 12-8pm

"Welcome to HAZ"

Saturday, Oct. 22nd / 12-8pm

  • Art viewing & movies!

Sunday, Oct. 23rd / 4-6pm

  • Live Painting by JuJu

  • Performances by: 

  • Wilde / 4pm

  • Danny Tayz / 4:45pm

  • Karma Fete / 5:30pm


We are an artist-owned cooperative that purchased property in Pilsen in July of this year. We believe that making a living and career out of art should be attainable to all and wanted to offer Pilsen artists a circular economy, like our business.

At Haz Cooperative Studios, we’re building a space where everyone can access the resources, networks, and opportunities that make a thriving art career possible.

We’re passionate about providing independent artists of color with the space, community, education, and tools needed to hone their craft and produce their work.


"Fruitleather is sweet and tangy fruity li'l group from Chicago all mashed and mushed up to create a goo of strange sounds that tug us forward. We love and respect each other quite a whole lot and want to collaborate and share our musical interests with each other as well as with other people we love and respect. We like to play around and such. We are delighted by our peers. We want to squeeze our squishy way beyond form, perfection, and expectation. We want to fail in front of you."

-Karma Fete

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