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Marco Puente

18th Street Pilsen Open Studios - 2022

2200 West 19th Street, Chicago, IL, USA

Private Gallery / Cultural Space

Open to the public: October 22nd & 23rd / 12-8pm

"Lumen Sculptura"

Art Activity & Performance

October 22nd, 23rd/ 2 pm-8pm


Tlatoani gallery is located in west Pilsen, trying to offer an space for the comunity. Marco Puente the main artist was raised in Pilsen.


Born November 4, 1971, Marco Puente is an accomplished welder and fabricator and the artist behind Lumen Sculptura and is professed as the "Universal Artist"​

Marco owns Lumen Sculptura as well as its sister company, Weld One, which specializes in fabrication and installation of wrought iron and other custom metal projects. Weld One has been in business for over 15 years and counting.

Specialized in abstract iron , stone, wood, oil on canvas, interior work, and designer in the arts.

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