Montserrat Alsina

18th Street Pilsen Open Studios - 2021

2005 S Blue Island Ave, Chicago, IL 60608


Open to the public: October 16th & 17th / 12-8pm



I first came to Pilsen 31 years ago to an artist-writers-activist meeting where now stands McDonalds! Ever since, I have been working and living in this great neighborhood. I have collaborated in co-creating different projects including this wonderful annual event, Nahui Ollin Aztec dance, Colibri Studio gallery, murals, and now I have my studio at MANA Contemporary Arts. This year, I have the chance of showing my work at Citlalin Gallery Theater for the first time during this the 19th year of Pilsen Open Studios!


Montserrat Alsina  is a multidisciplinary artist that specializes in drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and performance. She earned her BA in Art and Education at Rhodes College, and  an MFA in Performance Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She was born and raised in Valencia, Venezuela and currently lives between Chicago and the Dominican Republic. She has exhibited in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.  Montserrat currently has her studio at MANA Contemporary in Chicago. She has received numerous grants from  the Illinois Arts Council,  DCASE, and North Shore Country Day School. She is passionate about education, traveling, and creating collaborations in her communities. She is co-founder of Nahui Ollin: Danzas Ceremoniales de Mexico, 18th Street Pilsen Open Studios, and Colibri Studio Gallery.  

Al caminar sobre las arenas de Las Galeras surgen intimas conversaciones.  

Un encuentro con la hoja del almendro se convierte en curiosidad. Su textura y fortaleza se prestan a la imaginación y se inicia una transformación de materiales y tecnicas.

Descubrimientos emergen. Intuición, pensamientos e imaginación se mutan. Cosas maravillosas nacen, colores, sensaciones y formas saltan al encuentro: Una Neblina de Khaos y Ausencia.

En esta exposición se puede ver el desarrollo de este encuentro: la simple hoja, monotipos, materiales mixtos, imágenes digitales, fotografía y video. Veras formatos pequeños y grandes con color así como la ausencia del mismo.   

As I walk on the sand in Las Galeras conversations emerge. 

An encounter with a leaf of the almond tree becomes curiosity. Its texture and strength awakens the imagination and initiates a transformation of materials and techniques.

Discovering surface. Intuition, thoughts and imagination merge. Marvelous things are born, colors, sensations and forms arise: A Mist of Khaos and Absence.  

In this exhibition you will encounter the development of this journey: the simple leaf, monotypes, mixed materials, digital images, photography and video. You will see small and large formats, some with color as well as the absence of color.