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Naomi Martinez

18th Street Pilsen Open Studios - 2023

1653 West 18th Street, Chicago, IL, USA


October 21st & 22nd / 12-8pm

Artwork featured at AngMir Hecho con Cariño

Sunday, Oct. 22nd / 1-2pm



I have worked in Pilsen since I started as an apprentice artist for Marwen and Gallery 37 as a teenager in 1992. I’ve lived in Pilsen and have participated in the early Pilsen Open Studios. I also met my husband here whom grew up in the neighborhood and has family here. I am a community taught artist whose art continued to evolve and grow because of the friends and family I have connected with here in Pilsen.


I create intuitively and from the heart. Everyday I try to sketch or draw something. My favorite materials are ink and watercolor but I also crochet, make are dolls, zines and large mural works in acrylic and spray paint. My inspiration is our everyday and making art that is joyful and helps me and hopefully others cope with the bad days. Every character is unique and carries a message to stay strong and true to you.

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