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The Slab

18th Street Pilsen Open Studios - 2022

750 West 21st Street, Chicago, IL, USA

Studio - Bike Shop

Open to the public: October 22nd  / 12-6pm


The Slab is located in the heart of East Pilsen. Noah Gage (Co-operator) has lived and worked in Pilsen for a decade and is of Mexican descent. His work involves commercial photography focusing on urbanism and the modern landscape . Matthew Balzekas (Co-operator) studied Art and Philosophy at nearby UIC, as well as spending time at Yollocalli. He has lived in Pilsen with his partner. Most often he creates mixed media work centered around modes of commodification and object-absurdity. 


The Slab is a multipurpose maker space focusing on art and bicycles. A full service bicycle shop compliments a studio for photography, mixed media projects, video work, and zines. Co-owners Matthew Balzekas (Mt. Balzekas) and Noah Gage have spent collectively 20 years in both the Chicago arts community as well as the cycling industry, whether couriering or working in the shop. They utilize their knowledge to create a space that facilitates expression and empowerment through independent transportation, whether two wheeled or aesthetic.  Finding beauty and purpose in both bikes and art, The Slab strives to engender further engagement in the immediate community as well as in the city at large. Noah and Matt see that art as well as cycling endow us with freedom, exploration, independence and an open eye to the world.

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