4th Annual Dark & Whimsical Art Exhibit

Curated by Kira Aguirre / @vampkira_art

November 6th - November 29th 2020

Pintura Obscura is an annual dark arts themed exhibit created to showcase dark and whimsical artists who have an obscure point of view. This year’s Pintura Obscura theme is “Memento Mori” which is a latin phrase that means "Remember you must die" or "remember death" a reminder of the inevitability of death. This phrase is contemplated across all cultures, religions and beliefs. The ancient practice of reflection on mortality helps one value the one life that we all have to live. Who thinks about death? it is in fact, inevitable. This exhibit will focus on different interpretations that the artists have on the macabre ideas and thoughts of death and the living.

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Exhibition is available for viewing:

Thursday - Sunday / 12pm-6pm

Mon-Wed: by Appointment

In the spirit of this exhibition's theme, Pintura Obscura will be hosting Tarot readings by appointment with the following respected Brujas:

Que Mala Bruja - November 13th Click here to make your appointment: https://bit.ly/3mO2j8e

Laura González - November 21st Click Here to make your appointment: https://bit.ly/36850uo

Artist Lineup:

Cheribii, Clau, Devina, El Spooky Pimp, Gabriela Lopez, Jaimie Kadas, Jason Michael West, Jeff Burner, Ken Carrano, Laura Gomez, Lucid, Murrz, Nikdalii, Nubistempus, Shari Carillo, Squeak Starzula, VampKira Art

Exhibition pieces are available to purchase in person or online.

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Artist: Roco - Rodrigo Oñate

October 9th through November 1st 2020

Roco's work represents man's relationship with nature and the Universe with anthropomorphic characters, dreamlike and fantastic worlds as reinterpretations of the traditions of various cultures of Latino America through a combination of colors, textures and intricate shapes capable of evoking traditional native graphics with techniques such as illustration, watercolor, enamels, acrylic, and inks.   The originality in the method and the message of his work have led him to participate in many exhibitions and cultural projects in Mexico such as Arca Galería and Gamma at CDMX, Museo de la Ciudad in Querétaro, Galería Bernardo Quintana UAQ; and in the United States at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago IL, UNAM Chicago IL, Gamut Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Pilsen Arts & Community House in Chicago IL, and Kent University in Ohio.

His pieces are part of public and private collections of entrepreneurs, investors and art institutions. He has collaborated with brands such as Don Julio Tequila, Vans, Osel, Surly Brewery, Indeed Brewery, and QuickSilver, Tec de Monterrey, Viñedos del Márquez, Cerveza Minerva, Ocesa, Dark Matter Coffee, among others. He currently resides and produces work in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Exhibition is available for viewing:

Thursday - Sunday / 12pm-6pm

Mon-Wed: by Appointment

Interested in one of Roco's exhibition pieces?

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Curator: Tommy Reyes



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