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Juan Carlos Torres

Juan Carlos Torres

Torres is a multimedia, abstract artist originally from Mexico City, who has found his artistic home in the vibrant Pilsen neighborhood. His artistic practice revolves around the creation of ongoing narratives, inspired by fragmented moments from his everyday experiences and those closest to him. Torres's work is characterized by its bold and abstract nature, utilizing vivid colors and mixed mediums to create on salvaged surfaces like vintage window panes and plywood.

With over 30 years of experience, Torres's art has been featured in institutions such as the Chicago Mexican Fine Arts Museum, and his murals can be found across the United States and Mexico. His installations are a testament to his innovative approach to art-making, which pushes beyond traditional techniques, resulting in visually captivating and dynamic works.

Juan Torres's art has the ability to translate not only his own stories through his art, but also work alongside his community in sharing their narratives. Despite being a private artist by nature, Torres's authentic and generous approach to creating captivates audiences, inviting them to join him on his artistic journey.

As a multimedia artist, Torres constantly pushes artistic boundaries while staying true to his Latin heritage. His unwavering commitment to his craft, his community, and his unique artistic vision make him a notable presence in the Pilsen community. Through his captivating artwork, Torres continues to inspire and captivate audiences, leaving a lasting impact with his authentic and dynamic creations.

Juan Carlos Torres's solo exhibition "Como No Enamorarme De Ti, Pilsen Paletas" (translated as "How can I not fall in love with you") is a celebration of the vibrant Pilsen neighborhood and its rich cultural heritage. Through his art, Torres captures the essence of the community, its people, and its businesses, represented by the iconic Pilsen paletas (popsicles).

In "Como No Enamorarme De Ti," Torres presents a collection of artwork that pays homage to the old businesses of Pilsen, such as Decima Musa, El Trebol, and the cultural centers, which hold countless stories and memories. The colorful murals and the unique charm of the neighborhood evoke a sense of homecoming and nostalgia, drawing viewers into the heart of Pilsen.

Using a variety of artistic techniques, Torres creates a visual feast for the senses, with depictions of fruity paletas like fresa, coco, piña, melon, and sandia, representing the diverse flavors and colors of Pilsen. The artwork reflects the artist's deep connection and love for the neighborhood, its people, and its culture.

"Como no enamorarme de ti" is not only a celebration of Pilsen but also a recognition of the hard work and dedication of the people who make up the community, from business owners to marathon walkers, and everyone in between. Through his art, Torres invites viewers to experience the warmth, vibrancy, and unique character of Pilsen, and to fall in love with its rich cultural heritage, just as he has.

Join Juan Carlos Torres in this visual journey of love for Pilsen, where the past, present, and future converge, and the spirit of the neighborhood comes to life on canvas. Experience the flavors, colors, and stories of Pilsen through the eyes of an artist who is captivated by its charm and inspired by its people. "Como no enamorarme de ti" is a celebration of Pilsen's beauty, diversity, and sense of community, inviting all to fall in love with this beloved neighborhood.

Como No Enamorarme De Ti,

Pilsen Paletas

De Fresa

De Coco

De Piña para la niña

De melon para El Pelon 

O Sandia para que rias

Pilsen paletas 

El sabor del barrio

Todos somos paleteros de alguna forma atendiendo un negocio

Caminando un maratón o simplemente disfrutando El calor del señor Sol.

Como no enamorarme de ti. ( Pilsen paletas )

Una pequeña recopilación de negocios antiguos

Decima Musa, El Trébol y los centros culturales etc..que tienen un sin fin de historias

Murales y El colorido del barrio que te hace sentir como si estuvieras en casa

Como no enamorarme de ti Pilsen…

From Strawberry

To Coconut,

To Pineapple for the girl

To Melon for El Pelon

Or watermelon to make you laugh

Pilsen popsicles

The flavor of the neighborhood,

We are all paleteros in some way attending to a business

Walking a marathon or simply enjoying the heat of Mr. Sun

How can I not fall in love with you? (Pilsen popsicles )

A small compilation of old businesses

Decima Musa, El Trebol, and cultural centers etc.. that have endless stories.

Murals and the color of the neighborhood that makes you feel as if you were at home

How not to fall in love with you Pilsen...

-Juan Carlos Torres