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Pintoras Mexicanas

Pintoras Mexicanas

Pintoras Mexicanas – a collective of female artists that focuses on promoting art through worldwide exhibitions.

This group is made up of women all over Mexico and Globe. We are honored and pleased to be featuring a collection of work by some of these talented Pintoras who are local to Chicago and throughout the US.

Adriana Peña

Adriana Peña is a Chicago-based artist who was born in Mexico. Upon her arrival to the USA, she experimented with many new American trends but never lost her strong Mexican roots. Seeking to calm her deep longing for her homeland, she experimented with writing, modeling, photography, Digital Art, hand illustration, embroidery, and painting on a personal level; but it was not until 2013 after an invitation, that she began to show her work in public and at many local events. She is now dedicated to support her community in Chicago. Although her work is inspired largely by the love of México, it is also an expression of her personal belief and admiration as well as respect and love for nature. These elements are an essential part of her current works of art.

Alma Dominguez

Alma Domínguez was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, but she has lived in the Chicago area for over 15 years. She has been a visual artist for more than two decades, working with different techniques and materials, on metal, paper, or canvas, with mixed techniques. Domínguez is a psychologist with a Masters in Social Science. Her journey throughout the areas mentioned above have had a major influence in her artwork. Her paintings seek to raise political, social and environmental awareness, the female figure is very present, interested in highlighting the importance of women in all areas of our society. As a migrant woman, she also considers that the stories that migrants have and tell are very important, and leave a record of how much we contribute to this society.

Ana Bick

Artista autodidacta, originaria de Progreso de O. Hgo, Mexico. Miembro activo del colectivo Pintoras Mexicanas. Especialista en arte decorativo. Realiza sus obras con distintas tecnicas, oleo, acrilicos, acuarelas, tintas, etc.. y en diferentes superficies. Participando en pequeñas participaciones en expos colectivas en diferentes paises y estados de US.

Ana Martinez

I am a self taught artist born and raised in Mexico City. Art has been for me a form of self care and mindfulness to deal with the stress of being a full time mother of two boys with Autism. It is the only time I feel calmed and happy. I am also a Life Coach, constantly looking for evolution and I hope my art can show my spiritual path as well.

Erika Berumen

Born in Zacatecas Mexico, I grow up in a family full of musicians, painters, sculptors, and actors, art was an everyday thing in our family, I move to Chicago and connect to the Pilsen community in 1998, and I was part of Radio are where I found my self around artist again who make me feel like home, since that I had a few collaborations with different artists like Roberto Valadez Chicano muralist and Minor Paredes, I'm proud to be part of Pintoras Mexicanas group, I know this opportunity will bring a lot of knowledge and awesome collaborations for future work as well as learning from other wonderful talented woman artists.

Fatima Melendez

Fatima was born in Presidio, Texas in 1979. She lived her first years of life in a mining town named La perla Chihuahua. At the age of 12 years she moved along with her family to the city of Ojinaga, Chihuahua.

Her immersion in the world of painting undoubtedly comes from her interest in artistic and plastic expression. In the early years of her career, she had a clear preference for equestrian themes, born of dealing with these friendly animals for family reasons and motivated by the plasticity of their muscles, their strength, their loyalty, the experienceable friendship of their dedication in a hug. She is attracted by the stridency of the colors similar to the distillates in the desert space. In her work there is also all the influence of ethnic art from southwestern United States. Another dominant theme is dancers, motivated by the movement or the wake of their trajectory when they dance, their elegance and bearing. She in general has been seduced by the human figure and the oil painting technique. But at this time, abstract art begins to displace other expressive forms and in the same way she has explored other painting techniques such as acrylic, pastel or mixed media because they are more functional than oil when it comes to results, and watercolor for being more rugged and for its poetic essentiality.

Irma Garza Garcia

Irma is native of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and has been residing in McAllen, TX since 2001. Since childhood, she found the arts fascinating and developed a preference towards drawing and later to oil painting. Irma had been self-taught over the years but in 2008, she registered at a renowned school of art based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Art Instruction School. She continued studying abroad, taking several art workshops in Mexico City with Dr. Angel Alberto Bustillos in 2012, Professor Diana O. Montemayor in McAllen, TX, from 2015 to 2019. Irma is currently register at South Texas College and is working toward an associate degree in Visual Arts. Her work has left her great satisfaction; Irma’s paintings have been exhibited in successful private and commercial enclosures, like Telemundo40 in McAllen, TX, Ringgold Elementary School, in Rio Grande City, TX and US Customs, Border Protection- Anzalduas Port of Entry, Mission, TX, among others. Irma has already achieved successful exhibits in Europe, Mexico and United States, where her artwork has been accepted and admired. Her paintings are of vivid images braced with a strong sentimental meaning, revealing her intimate connection with her origins and reflect clearly her experiences in artistic growth.

Irma Becerra

Irma nació el 24 de julio de 1993 en Jalisco, Mexico. Desde muy temprana edad se interesó por el arte, siendo así el impresionismo la técnica que la cautivó en sus pinturas. Estudio en el Centro de Artes Arquitectura y Diseño, en la ciudad de Guadalajara, Jalisco. Ha participado en diversas exposiciones colectivas, en Mexico y Estados Unidos. Su obra se centra principalmente en temáticas sociales. La técnica más recurrente en su obra es la pintura al óleo. Actualmente pertenece al grupo de Pintoras Mexicanas.

Laura Gomez

Laura, a color, Art and design addict who loves the little things in life, her family, friends and is a passionate animal lover and rescuer... Born in the city of Delicias, Chihuahua (Mexico) in 1975 and graduated from the Instituto Tecnologico de Chihuahua as a Business Administrator. Laura emigrated to the United States at the age of 24 with her sister in the year of 2000 and is based in the beautiful City of Chicago.

Laura's inspirations are her family, her roots, culture, principles and history. Never forgetting who she is and where she comes from. She dedicates her creations to her family and her friends who will always be part of her story.

Luisa Ornelas

Luisa nacío en la ciudad de Monterrey Nuevo León Mexico, estudie contabilidad e historia de el Arte, vivo en Chicago desde hace 19 años, la pintura a formado parte de mi vida desde siempre , los colores vibrantes son parte de mi trajo siempre dictados desde el corazón para plasmar sentimientos , trabajo en mis eventos sip & paint en español para la comunidad hispana y también para la asociación Latino Alzheimers alliance integrando el arte como terapia para los pacientes de Alzheimer lo cual es una experiencia sin comparación.

Maritoña Lopez

No busco pintar realismo en mis obras, trato de transmitir emociones de relajar mi alma.

Tania Magallon

Tania nacio en la Ciudad de México y estudié arte en la Academia de San Carlos y en La ENPEG (Escuela Nacional de Pintura Escultura y Grabado) La Esmeralda. Complete mi Licenciatura en Artes integrando estudios en Psicología en la Universidad Estatal de Nueva York. Actualmente curso una maestría en psicoterapia. Por medio de mi trabajo busco adentrarme en la simbología de la transformación humana. El uso constante de elementos alquímicos en mi obra, representan la transmutación de la conciencia, el dolor, el gozo, la libertad, el renacimiento, la muerte. Aunando estos elementos a las tradiciones de mis ancestros y mis raíces. Y aunque esto está expuesto desde mi perspectiva pictórica, las imágenes son una invitación al espectador a usar su propia percepción. Así se completa el significado de la expresión artística como parte del proceso creativo.

Yazmin Belcerra

Artista Mexicana, Orgullosa Coahuilense.

El primer amor... “La pintura”, que me ha acompañado por los últimos 20 años. Al primer contacto me enamore de su textura, su olor y lo más maravilloso de lo q mis manos podían crear en un lienzo.

Mi principal objetivo en el arte es expresar lo que veo, lo que siento, para compartirle al mundo como vacío mis emociones, vivencias, dejando a la artista transparente y plasmando esa intensidad con la q vivo, siento, amo y pinto... Disfrutando así cada vez que alguien adopta una pieza de mis obras..

Mi mano es la continuidad de mi corazón, creando así una obra que cuando llega al climax lo ultimo de mi queda en una firma...!!!

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