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Mejor Sana Shop

My name is Sandra Navarro, I am an entrepreneur at heart, I'm a DIY lover, and I love, love creating candles. It is true when they say that every brand has a story, as so do each human. My brand and my personal story are one. My brand is a result of my personal journey to become a better, healthier person by working on myself and believing in my potential. Mejor (better) Sana (healthier, and also the first two letters of my name and last name 😉) I have been on this journey for a while and many life events took me to a point where I felt this urge to create and channel my emotions and energy. I tried and failed many times until I found something that helped me through a rough patch and something I truly love! Candles! Candles are a symbol of hope, light in the darkness, romance, and are also linked to faith and spiritual practices. This is what I want you to remember when you receive a candle from my shop, a symbol of light and hope in your life!

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