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Fierce Modern Designs

My name is Sasha Nicole Garcia. I am a a proud Queer Afro Latina that lives in the Pilsen area. I have been surrounded by design and entrepreneurship my whole life. My tia was always sewing and making crafts. My dad has been his own boss in construction as far as I can remember and my mom was always making jewlery and drawing &painting cool designs on jackets and shirts and selling them. It was bound that i would be shaped in some way or form by them. I went to school for Architecture at Judson University for both undergraduate and Master degrees. I have always loved all forms of design. The way you can design the space around you is so awesome for me and I have always loved fashion/accessories and graphic design. I still am full time in Architecture but I also dove into creating things and making a fashion and accessory line in grad school on the side. I Love incorporating my Mexican and Black cultures and interest in my work. I can design the spaces you walk in and design what you are wearing walking into those spaces. Merging my love for all design has been a blessing

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