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John Pitman Weber

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Every participating artist is asked to talk about their connection to Pilsen. And if new to the neighborhood, to describe what drew them here.

This is what John shares with us:

"Started visiting Pilsen by 1970 because of the murals & muralists. First exhibited here in early 80's. Moved to Pilsen 2006, at suggestion of Mexican and Latino artists friends. Been active here ever since. "

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Studied Harvard, Paris, Art Institute. Painting, printmaking, public art. Among first generation muralists, from '69 on. Work in New York, Los Angeles, Iowa, Spain, France, Chicago near northwest and south sides, most recently monument to MLK & civil rights movement in Marquette Park. Included in shows in MCA, the Modern in NYC, etc. Many exhibits in worship spaces.


Recent return to printmaking, charged by residencies in Mexico and by inheriting a small press. I work in series, concerning current events, what is on my mind, from children to energy crises, as well as nature from my wild garden to trees.