18th Street Pilsen Open Studios

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Laluz Gallery


1545 W. 18TH STREET

Laluz Gallery Artists


Every participating artist is asked to talk about their connection to Pilsen. And if new to the neighborhood, to describe what drew them here.

This is what Laluz shares with us:

"Laluz Gallery has been part of the Pilsen neighborhood for 5 years, in conjunction with Pilsen Law Center and Arturo Jauregui. Artists who exhibit at Laluz Gallery could be local to the neighborhood, from the States or Internationally known artists. We strive to keep artistic opportunities open for artists of all types. This includes emerging artists as well as established artists. Our goal is to keep Laluz Gallery a safe and diverse space in keeping with our artistic neighborhood and community."

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Alejandro Romero-His work is the encounter of many cultures that collide in dimensions of color and form.


Susan Attea-Her work shows a fusion of myth and reality.


Renato Esquivel-His work deconstructs baroque art and conceptual art going beyond the limits of the painting itself.


Guadalupe Fernandez De Cordova-Her work responds to a reflection on the representation of women. She explores the subjective use of color and its expressive potential. Experimenting with the disruption of the painted body produced by the marks of color on it, she wants to evoke the complexity of the women she portrayed.


Alexander Romero

Cassidy Romero

Ana Luisa Rosas

Samantha Gaytan