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Is This Modern Society?

July 10th through July 31st

Virtual Opening July 17th


Artist: JupiterFab

IG: jupiterfab


Artist Statement:

The project “Is This Modern Society?” is an art-social initiative whose goal is to create reflection and inspiration about the importance of a sustainable digital technology’s growth in relation to human being’s needs and principles.

The project started in 2016 in Canada and I decided to make it global because nowadays, I think everywhere in the world, it is very important for people of every age to find a good balance between real and virtual life. At the moment, the project does not have an expiration date.

Is this modern society? expands upon two main spheres: the art and the education

In fact, working on site, I realized it was very powerful to create a dialogue between the artwork and the audience. However, many visitors expressed the need to create a real dialogue with other people. Last but not least, institutions and big companies often underestimate the importance to create a civic education about the use of digital technology. For this reason, as part of the project, on one side I create murals, art installations and art exhibitions and jointly, I coordinate, presentations, workshops and debates   in schools, universities, art centers and debate centers.

I personally think digital technology is a key point in our evolution and in our society. But its growth is so fast, sometimes we only have the time to adjust our lives to it and we forget to think about consequences of these changes. At the same time, we are not aware or are not interested on the huge quantity of private data we are offering to big companies to control us.

The objective is to use the art as a trigger and to let people find in their lives a moment of reflection and inspiration, to find a suitable balance between virtual and real life.

JupiterFab - Price List
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Artist Bio:

I am a multimedia artist. My main focus are murals and projects with social impact. My works are always social orientated. In particular, I have been leading and cooperating in several projects together with marginalized communities around the world. I paint on walls and on canvas, I create art installations, sound installations and sound and video documentaries. In my works, I immortalize daily life’s scenes inside the urbanity. I underline what we hide behind the mask: feelings, emotions and fragility. My goal is to inspire and to create reflection about the way we live in modern society. In my social art projects, I create an empathic bond with the community, and I use art to get a social impact, and with the right conditions, a social change. In order to get it, I collaborate with local organizations and governments.

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