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Pilsen Pod - 04


A very honest and candid conversation about Gentrification in Pilsen. It is an issue and topic that evolves every year and will continue to be discussed. These conversations are important to have so that we can hear each other's perspectives as we all try to maintain living in our ever growing city and neighborhoods.

Guests in this episode include:

Tommy J. Reyes of Gallery19

Steve Vidal, Art Teacher at Benito Juarez High School

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Pilsen Pod is a video blog created and produced by Javier Cervantes, with co-hosts Pablo Ramirez and Teresa Magaña of PACH.

We are life long residents of Chicago, Pilsen community and have been part of our local artist and political scene for years. We will have discussions about arts, politics, and community happenings. Along with interviewing and getting to know our local businesses and residents through each episode we will all get to know each other more!


NOTES: This is a collaborative project with PILSEN POD and Pilsen Arts & Community House. This vlog is for conversations and stories to be shared with the people of Pilsen and those who want to learn more about the love and passion we have for this thriving neighborhood in Chicago. REACH OUT and let us know what you would like us to talk about in upcoming episodes. Let us know about any guests or interviews you would like to see included also. This vlog is for all of us!

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