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Pintura Obscura: Memento Mori

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

4th Annual Dark & Whimsical Art Exhibit

Curated by Kira Aguirre / @vampkira_art

November 6th - November 29th 2020

Pintura Obscura is an annual dark arts themed exhibit created to showcase dark and whimsical artists who have an obscure point of view. This year’s Pintura Obscura theme is “Memento Mori” which is a latin phrase that means "Remember you must die" or "remember death" a reminder of the inevitability of death. This phrase is contemplated across all cultures, religions and beliefs. The ancient practice of reflection on mortality helps one value the one life that we all have to live. Who thinks about death? it is in fact, inevitable. This exhibit will focus on different interpretations that the artists have on the macabre ideas and thoughts of death and the living.

Follow on IG: @pinturaobscura

Exhibition is available for viewing:

Thursday - Sunday / 12pm-6pm

Mon-Wed: by Appointment

Artist Lineup:

Cheribii, Clau, Devina, El Spooky Pimp, Gabriela Lopez, Jaimie Kadas, Jason Michael West, Jeff Burner, Ken Carrano, Laura Gomez, Lucid, Murrz, Nikdalii, Nubistempus, Shari Carillo, Squeak Starzula, VampKira Art


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