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Stephanie Weiner

Printmaking, Clothing and Gifts

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Every participating artist is asked to talk about their connection to Pilsen. And if new to the neighborhood, to describe what drew them here.

This is what Stephanie shares with us:

"I am a long time activist and artist . My home/studio the Revolutionary Lemonade Stand has been a part of Pilsen Open Studios since 2012. I was a teacher in the 1980's at Casa Aztlan and I have tried to be involved in many of the social justice and immigrant issues of Pilsen since then.

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Stephanie Weiner is a printmaker in Pilsen, Chicago. She has traveled with her hand made social justice items from the Revolutionary Lemonade Stand to many festivals and conferences such as the US Social Forum in Atlanta and Detroit, Labor Notes, Pilsenfest, Mole de Mayo, Teachers for Social Responsibility, The National Lawyers Guild and others! She received a printmaking residency to the Penland School of Craft (2018 ) and the Women's Studio Workshop  (2019 ). She has taken printmaking classes in the US and Mexico. Her More Welcome Homes series of posters about the wrongfully convicted have been used in demonstrations and fundraisers to get some of the men exonerated. Weiner's art appears in the new book edition of Celebrate People's History as well as a current show at the South Haven Center for the Arts. A recent print co-signed by the exoneree that she helped to free is in the permanent collection of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics and also their international traveling exhibit on police Violence.