18th Street Pilsen Open Studios

Maximus Gutierrez untitled.jpg

The Pilarte Collective

CPS Art Teachers

Benito Juarez Community Academy

Rita Marquez, Steve Vidal

Paintings, Mixed Media, Printmaking

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Every participating artist is asked to talk about their connection to Pilsen. And if new to the neighborhood, to describe what drew them here.

This is what Pilarte shares with us:

"The Pilarte Collective began when art teachers from Ruiz, Perez, Jungman, and Juarez got together to showcase art in the first 18th Street Pilsen Open Studios event back in 2003. We have been collaborating ever since despite loosing dear members like Mr. Ed Pino RIP(Orozco) and Mr. Patrick Rand RIP(Pickard)."

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Steve Vidal founded the Pilarte Collective in 2003 and has taught visual arts at Benito Juarez Community Academy since 2000. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in secondary art education from UIC and a Master of Arts in Art Education from SAIC. He is a member of the Pilsen Arts & Culture Committee, the Pilsen Mi Hogar initiative with support from the Resurrection Project, and has helped organize the youth exhibitions for Pilsen Open Studios.