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Over a span of 7 years, Pilsen Outpost  has evolved into much more than a local art gallery. It has become a space where both culture and community are cultivated, while being accessible to all. We have innovated and shouldered long time resident artists and given voices to emerging artists both locally and internationally.

Pilsen Arts & Community House has been an effort we have worked towards over the years. We didn't know when or what it would become specifically, but we felt the time was always near as we learned and grew with our community. Now more than ever, especially during these months of global pandemic and global social justice movements, we became more reflective and motivated on how we would open our doors again to continue meaningful creative community work.

We have now officially transitioned to operate as Pilsen Arts & Community House, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are confident we will be able to continue to offer space, resources and creative community engagement. Through exhibitions, art instruction and mentorships, we aim at fostering positive relationships with artists and community members. We share a responsibility to ensure continued creative growth and service in Pilsen while providing opportunities and space for all.

Thank you to the many supporters over the years to all our projects and activities. We invite you to join us in supporting and being part of the work this organization is committed to maintain in our beloved Pilsen.



Co-Founder / Board President

Pablo Ramirez is an artist, organizer, poet that has deep ties to the neighborhood of Pilsen. He has been heavily influenced by the cultural and artistic traditions that have existed in the neighborhood since he lived on 17th St. as a child. From the storytelling of the likes of Carlos Cortez, David Hernandez, Carlos Cumpian to the murals of Alejandro Romero, Marcos Raya and Sal Vega he took it all in and now translates it all out in his poetry and artwork. He has deep roots in Hip-Hop and loves to communicate with that same swagger and style. As Board President of Pilsen Arts & Community House, he will work towards securing the organizations role as a steward to the creative ideals and services of what the Pilsen community has provided to us over generations.



Co-Founder / Executive Director

Teresa Magaña is a multifaceted Chicago creative who has established herself as a mixed media artist, educator, curator and gallery owner. Her work is rooted and heavily influenced by her Mexican and Chicana identity. Supporting and developing emerging local and international artwork as a curator, ties into the passion she first tapped into as a developing musician, writer and poet herself. Now as Executive Director to Pilsen Arts & Community House, she will continue to offer this community space as a platform for others seeking the opportunity to tap into their very own passions and creative endeavors as well.


We are a team of artists collaborating to share our skills, knowledge and passion for art and culture.




Carlos Barberena is a Nicaraguan self-taught Printmaker based in Chicago, where he runs the printmaking projects: Bandolero Press & La Calaca Press. He is also a member of the Instituto Grafico de Chicago. Barberena is known for his satirical relief prints and the use of images from pop culture, as well as from political and cultural tragedies. In his art, he has consistently reflected on the cycles of repression and resistance and its relationship to the Diaspora in which he has lived, throughout dictatorship, revolution, erasure, renewal, hope, dictatorship and repression. His prints center these types of life experiences occurring far beyond his country. Carlos is currently a resident art instructor with Pilsen Arts & Community House.




Adriana Peña is a Chicago-based artist who was born in León, Guanajuato; Mexico. Having immigrated and spending many years in the US, she sought to calm her deep longing for her homeland, by experimenting with writing, crafts, modeling, photography, Digital Art, hand illustration, embroidery, and painting on a personal level. Although her work is inspired largely by the love of México, it is also an expression of her personal belief and admiration as well as respect and love for nature. These elements are an essential part of her current works of art. Adriana is now dedicated to supporting her community in Chicago through art instruction with different organizations. She is currently a resident art instructor with Pilsen Arts & Community House.

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