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Pilsen Arts & Community House is committed to providing a wide variety of exhibitions accessible to all. We aim to provide a welcoming gallery experience, sharing knowledge and encouraging the importance of supporting the arts.

Gallery Hours: Wed-Sun, 12-6pm

1637 W. 18th Street, Chicago 60608


INNER TWINED Impressions

Montserrat Alsina

September 8th - October 1st, 2023

INNER TWINED Impressions


Montserrat Alsina

September 8th - October 1st, 2023

Opening on September 8th, 6-9pm

“INNER TWINED Impressions” is a unique collection of work Montserrat Alsina has delicately created layering both soft and distinct impressions of materials and herself.

A Tribe Called Chicago


PACH 3rd Year Anniversary Celebration & Group Show

July 15th - August 27th, 2023

July 15th, 5-10pm

We are celebrating 3 years as Pilsen Arts & Community House with this annual group show affectionately called “A Tribe Called Chicago”.

Freedom School Mural Academy


Horizon Science Academy Southwest

June 2nd - July 9th

June 2nd, 2023

A collection of work by students of Horizon Science Academy Southwest!

Como No Enamorarme De Ti, Pilsen Paletas


Juan Carlos Torres

April 6th - May 28th, 2023

Artist Talk / Reception on May 12th, 6-9pm

Juan Carlos Torres's solo exhibition "Como No Enamorarme De Ti" ("How can I not fall in love with you") is a celebration of the vibrant Pilsen neighborhood and its rich cultural heritage.



Corinne Whittemore Copy

December 9th - January 29th, 2023

Opening on December 9th, 6-9pm

A documentation of the beauty and paradox of the borderland narrative by Corinne Whittemore.

Pintoras Mexicanas


Pintoras Mexicanas

October 6th - November 7th, 2022

Reception on October 22nd, 6-9pm

Pintoras Mexicanas – a collective of female artists that focuses on promoting art through worldwide exhibitions.




August 5th - August 31st, 2022

Opening on August 5th, 6-9pm

The universe of Calladitos, like reality, has many unique characters. Each one is the protagonist of his own story and is living his process to find his way. We are in a moment where we are exploring the stories of all our characters, each one has something important to say through color and shapes. That is why we present CAMINO, an exhibition where we celebrate the diversity of our magical world and the real world. We invite you to imagine and listen to what these quiet characters have to tell us.

Mistica Salvaje


Raul Sisniega

June 3rd - June 26th, 2022

Opening on June 3rd, 6-9pm

Inspired by one of the most beautiful precolumbian codexes (codex Borgia), Mistica Salvaje is a series of images that aim to to illustrate a science fiction narrative that describes a super natural trip of connection with nature and ancient intelligences.

Empty Vessels


Samantha Haring

May 6th - May 29th, 2022

Opening on May 6th, 6-9pm

"The artist’s studio is full of memory; its history is evident in the residue layered on the walls and floor, as well as in the dusty objects scattered around the room. These remnants serve as a metaphor for the imprints people leave behind on each other and on the world."

Revist to Chicago Facades


Inara Cedrins

March 4th - March 27th, 2022

March 4th, 12-6pm

Pilsen Arts & Community House is honored to present selected works of the Chicago Facades series by the late Inara Cedrins (1952 - 2015).

You Are Someone New


Andrew Sedgwick Guth

August 6th - September 26th, 2021

Opening on August 6th, 6-9pm

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